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[Man-db-devel] Bug report/Suggesions for lexgrog

From: Rafael Fontenelle
Subject: [Man-db-devel] Bug report/Suggesions for lexgrog
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2017 00:08:22 -0200

Hello there,

While translating man-db-manpages, I notice a few strings that maybe could receive some attention to achieve an improvement. Then, I notice a few bugs in the UI as well. My suggestions are listed below. I hope it helps.

1) lexgrog manpage: bad connection between phrases

In the string:

lexgrog is an implementation of the traditional “groff guess” utility in lex.  It reads the list of files on its command line as either man page source files or preformatted “cat” pages, and displays their name and description as used by apropos and whatis, the list of preprocessing filters required by the man page before it is passed to nroff or troff, or both.

Looks like the phrase starting in "the list of preprocessing ..." isn't clear to me if this phrase is a continuation of what lexgrog reads (as the sentence starts "It reads the list of files (...), the list of preprocessing filters" or if ist a new sentence.

If the first case is correct, I assume a "and" should be added right before "the list of preprocessing". However If the second case is correct, then I assume a dot should be added before "The list of preprocessing" and a verb should be placed. e.g. "...filters is required by..."

2) lexgrog manpage: whatis example should be updated

When displaying example of running "lexgrog whatis" the one-line description of what displayed is "display manual page descriptions", but the current one-line description of whatis includes a "one-line" _expression_. So, I believe the whatis example should show the following description:  "display one-line manual page descriptions"

3) lexgrog UI: consider setting the string "(parse failed)" to be translated

The string "parse failed" is not set to be translated, which I'm not sure if it is intentional. This behavior could be changed simply by going into line 215 of src/lexgrog_test.c (link to latest version so far) and changing ( to N_( .

If you do so, please consider fuzzying up PO files in man/po4a/po/ whose translator didn't translate "parse failed" _expression_. A quick look up in these PO files in believe this would affect the following language codes: de fr id nl pl ru zh_CN

4) lexgrog UI: the usage message displays the content of msgstr "", which is the PO file header

This refers to "lexgrog --help" output. An example of the problematic ouput follows as attachment. I also tested with Poland, and this also happened with that locale. This doesn't happen in the source language (English), which I can be force with LC_ALL=C

Rafael Fontenelle

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