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man-db docs/ChangeLog src/globbing.c

From: Colin Watson
Subject: man-db docs/ChangeLog src/globbing.c
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 00:05:53 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/man-db
Module name:    man-db
Changes by:     Colin Watson <address@hidden>   03/11/17 00:05:52

Modified files:
        docs           : ChangeLog 
        src            : globbing.c 

Log message:
        Speed up mandb's purging functions further, from about 20 seconds to
        about 2 seconds on my i386 laptop, by being more intelligent about
        calling fnmatch().
        * src/globbing.c (cache_compare): New function.
        (update_directory_cache): Sort the cache.
        (pattern_compare): New function.
        (match_in_directory): Rather than scanning the whole cache, start
        from a point matching the start of the pattern up to the first
        metacharacter, and stop once this no longer matches.
        * src/globbing.c (TEST): Include <libintl.h> and define _() so that
        the test code compiles.
        (main): Set program_name before any calls to usage().


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