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man-db docs/ChangeLog src/encodings.c src/encod...

From: Colin Watson
Subject: man-db docs/ChangeLog src/encodings.c src/encod...
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 18:10:25 -0400

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/man-db
Module name:    man-db
Changes by:     Colin Watson <address@hidden>   03/09/07 18:10:25

Modified files:
        docs           : ChangeLog 
        src            : encodings.c encodings.h man.c 

Log message:
        Fix decision about whether a given encoding is safe to save as a cat
        * src/encodings.c (directory_table): Add standard_output_encoding
        member, used to set the default encoding for cat pages.
        (fallback_locale_charset): Remove.
        (get_standard_output_encoding): New function.
        (get_locale_charset): New function, split out in modified form
        from get_default_device().
        (get_default_device): Take a character set as input rather than a
        * src/encodings.h (get_standard_output_encoding,
        get_locale_charset): Add prototypes.
        (get_default_device): Update prototype.
        * src/man.c (make_roff_command): Instead of comparing devices, test
        that the default character set for this manual hierarchy is being
        used, and don't save cat pages if it isn't.


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