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[Man-db-announce] man-db 2.8.3 released

From: Colin Watson
Subject: [Man-db-announce] man-db 2.8.3 released
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2018 13:33:23 +0100
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I've released man-db 2.8.3.


man-db contains an implementation of the man command, which is the
primary way of examining the on-line help files (manual pages).  Other
utilities provided include the whatis and apropos commands for searching
the manual page database, the manpath utility for determining the manual
page search path, and the maintenance utilities mandb, catman and
zsoelim.  The package requires a troff installation, such as groff (GNU
troff) to format and display the manual pages.

About this release


* Make seccomp sandbox allow madvise, since that's used by lbzip2.

* Make seccomp sandbox allow kill and tgkill outright, since groff
  uses kill to pass on signals to its child processes.

* Make seccomp sandbox allow sibling architectures on
  x86/x86_64/x32, since people sometimes mix and match architectures
  there for performance reasons.

* Fix version check in locale macro loading to tolerate groff
  release candidates.

* man now only changes working directory in child processes, so
  never fails due to being unable to change back to its original
  working directory.

* accessdb, apropos, and lexgrog no longer emit spurious gettext
  headers in their --help output when localised.

For full details, please see the ChangeLog file in the source


Colin Watson                                       address@hidden

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