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GNU make 4.1 is now available

From: Paul Smith
Subject: GNU make 4.1 is now available
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 2014 12:46:32 -0400

    GNU make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and
    other non-source files of a program from the program's source files.

    You can learn more at:

The next stable release of GNU make, 4.1, is available now for download:

    57a7a224a822f94789a587ccbcedff69  make-release/make-4.1.tar.bz2
    654f9117957e6fa6a1c49a8f08270ec9  make-release/make-4.1.tar.gz

You can obtain a copy from: 
You can choose a nearby mirror:
A list of mirror sites is available:

- NEWS ----------------------------------------------------------------

A complete list of bugs fixed in this version is available here:

* New variables: $(MAKE_TERMOUT) and $(MAKE_TERMERR) are set to non-empty
  values if stdout or stderr, respectively, are believed to be writing to a
  terminal.  These variables are exported by default.

* Allow a no-text-argument form of the $(file ...) function.  Without a text
  argument nothing is written to the file: it is simply opened in the
  requested mode, then closed again.

* Change the fatal error for mixed explicit and implicit rules, that was
  introduced in GNU make 3.82, to a non-fatal error.  However, this syntax is
  still deprecated and may return to being illegal in a future version of GNU
  make.  Makefiles that rely on this syntax should be fixed.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Alan Hourihane (1):
      * [SV 40790] Fix load autoconf variables.

Bernhard Reutner-Fischer (1):
      * Fix spacing in helptext of customs

Christian Boos (2):
      Fix initialization of stringlist variables for jobserver_fds and 
      Fix SV bug #40227 with respect to stack size set for the MSVC build.

Daniel Richard G (1):
      * load.c: [SV 40515] Define RTLD_GLOBAL if not set.

Eli Zaretskii (13):
      Fix the MSVC build on MS-Windows.
      Fix MinGW64 problem with non-compliant vsnprintf.
      Fix Savannah bug 40241 with Unixy file names as commands to MSYS shell.
      Fix Savannah bug #31150 with failures due to setting window title.
      Fix the MS-Windows build: now guile.c must always be compiled in.
      [SV 42695] Fix compilation error on MS-Windows.
      Fix compilation on MS-Windows.
      Fix regression with "makefile" not being found on MS-Windows.
      Change the order of "makefile" and "Makefile" to match the manual.
      Support MAKE_TERMOUT and MAKE_TERMERR on MS-Windows.
      Treat redirection of standard handles on Windows as it is done on Unix.
      Avoid compilation warnings.
      Fix Cygwin compilation error.

Fredrik Fornwall (1):
      * arscan.c [ANDROID]: Android has no ar.h but supports archives.

Gerte Hoogewerf (1):
      Fix MS Visual Studio NET2003 build.

Gisle Vanem (3):
      Improve error reporting in the Windows port when env size is too large.
      * makeint.h (ftruncate): Define also for __WATCOMC__.
      Fix last commit.

Hartmut Becker (11):
      Enhance/fix VMS build environment
      *, [RENAMED]
      Enhance/fix VMS multi-line support.
      Enhance/fix VMS exit code handling.
      Enhance/fix VMS setting of program name, MAKE/MAKE_COMMAND variables
      Enhance/fix VMS ONESHELL implementation and command execution
      * main.c [VMS]: Say that parallel jobs (-j) are not supported on VMS
      Fix VMS automatic variable expansion
      Enhance VMS exporting make environment variables.
      Fix and enhance VMS library support.
      * job.c: fix make action continuation lines.

Jacques Germishuys (1):
      NMakefile.template ($(OUTDIR)/posixfcn.obj): Fix a typo.

John Malmberg (1):
      Update the regression test harness to support VMS.

Jonny Grant (1):
      Fix defalt_makefiles[] for MS-Windows.

Paul Smith (43):
      Set up for the next release.
      Convert to auto-generated ChangeLog files.
      Add support for updating the GNU make web pages.
      [SV 40139] Modify "missing separator" for better translation
      * GNUMAKEFLAGS: Remove -O so it passes in NO_OUTPUT_SYNC mode.
      * read.c (eval): Avoid GCC warning to add braces.
      * NEWS: Fix version so we can build a distfile.
      * maintMakefile: Accept variable overrides from the environment.
      [SV 40254] Modify to work properly with Guile support.
      * maintMakefile (checkcfg.%): Add testing of
      [SV 40240] Use configure info to build load test shared libs
      * README.git: Add some missing release steps.
      * read.c (record_files): [SV 33034] Change fatal() to error()
      * glob.c (glob) [SV 18123]: Cherry-pick glibc fix
      * makeint.h (STOP_SET): [SV 40371] Cast to unsigned char.
      [SV 40361] Don't use vsnprintf(), which is an ISO C99 function.
      [SV 40226] Add a new type of switch: single-string options
      Fix memory leak during environment option decoding.
      * read.c (unescape_char): Use memmove() for overlapping memory.
      * load.c (load_file): Reset the name length minus the symbol.
      * features/loadapi (test_expand): Allocate memory for the nul byte.
      * main.c (decode_env_switches): Ensure we have enough space.
      * w32/*: Remove TABs from the source code.
      * main.c (die): Close output_context AND make_sync.
      * commands.c: [SV 40789] Remove unneeded header dlfcn.h
      * job.c (set_child_handler_action_flags): [SV 41341]
      * Fixup for newer autoconf/automake
      * Rename MAP_PATHSEP to MAP_DIRSEP.
      [SV 42249] Propagate correct rule status results.
      [SV 41983] Support omitting the text argument to $(file ...)
      * maintMakefile, various: Improve constification of the codebase.
      * various: Assume ISO C89-compliant free() implementation.
      * read.c (eval): [SV 41677] Correct test for TAB vs. 8 spaces.
      *, maintMakefile, w32/ Fix autotools issues.
      * doc/make.texi: Clarify implicit rule lookup of phony targets
      * tests/, tests/scripts/features/archives: [SV 43046]
      * main.c (main): Set MAKE_TTYOUT and MAKE_TTYERR.
      * main.c, NEWS, doc/make.text: Rename MAKE_TTY* to MAKE_TERM*
      * loadapi.c (gmk_eval): [SV 43221] Preserve var buff content for eval.
      * loadapi.c (gmk_eval): Use C90 syntax.
      * tests/scripts/features/load: Avoid unused variable warnings.
      Update Copyright statements for 2014.
      GNU Make release 4.1.

Pavel Fedin (2):
      Fix .LIBPATTERNS for MS-Windows builds.
      Allow the EMX build to use output_sync.

Piotr Jaroszynski (1):
      * output.c (pump_from_tmp): [SV 42378] Flush the output file regularly.

Ray Donnelly (1):
      * output.c: Ensure space for final nul byte in fmtbuf.

Stephan T. Lavavej (1):
      Solve some Windows build issues.

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