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sh.exe from AVR Studio 4 makes mingw32-make

From: Felix Gerstenberg
Subject: sh.exe from AVR Studio 4 makes mingw32-make
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 09:36:12 +0000 (UTC)
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I was trying to use the latest MinGW64 release with the Dev-C++ IDE, but 
every attempt to compile any source code would give me the following error:

Compiler: TDM-GCCC 4.6.1 64-bit
Buildinx Makefile "xxxx\"
Executing make...
mingw32-make.exe -f "xxxx\" all
mingw32-make.exe: Interrupt/Exception caught (code = 0xc0000005, addr = 
Execution terminated

after fiddling around with the PATH for a few hours and stumbling over 
this post: 
i actually realised, that the error is produced by the sh.exe in an 
installation of AVR Studie 4 i have on my PC. Deleting the relevant part 
of the PATH or renaming the sh.exe to anything else solves the problem.

Now i do not know if the problem actually lies in the mingw32-make or the 
sh.exe, just wanted you to know of the incompatability.


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