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Re: make tool command line limit 8192

From: Jon Grant
Subject: Re: make tool command line limit 8192
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2012 20:36:24 +0000
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Many thanks for your email.

I entered "windows command line limit" on search engine and came up with this link:

Therefore, you could use a different shell. CMD.EXE limit is 8192. Also see MinGW for a windows build.

BTW. There is a mailing list for Windows questions address@hidden

If you reply, consider if you can just email address@hidden rather than all of us please ;)

Regards, Jon

Christian Pichler wrote, On 18/01/12 03:14:
hi everybody !

first, congratulations! great tool with mighty functions!

i, and what i found out, many other people have problems with
command-lines longer than 8192 characters (limit of shell at windows,
versions >= windows xp).
a great solution would be, if the make-tool could export a variable to a
file, similar as the make tool already supports an export of a variable
to an environment variable.
e.g. "export EnvVar = $(VARIABLE)"
most tools and compiler-packages support the input of parameters from a
file without length limitations.
so most limitation problems could be fixed with a variable-to-file
command, available inside make.
e.g. "exportf par.cmd = $(VARIABLE)"

my old make did support this by a construction like this :
inside receipt
tool <<par.cmd

for gnu make, i made a workaround by "echo" every single word of the
variable to the file,
but this is very very slow and a roundabout way !

please give me a reply, if you think about to add a feature like i
described to the next version of gnu make or
if you already included an other methode to fix the problem.

christian pichler

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