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Re: Switching off the case sensitivity for Windows files

From: Karl
Subject: Re: Switching off the case sensitivity for Windows files
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 19:44:23 +0100

2011-01-02 12:34, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

EZ> ... Do you _really_ have *.CPP files ...

Yes. We have a project with about thousand source files, most of them
originally edited with the BRIEF editor which converts all filenames
into uppercase when writing to new files. Other CPP (and include) files
are generated by code generators which generate .CPP files or .cpp files,
as nobody did care when writing these generators.
Until now, we used OpusMake from, which served us
unchangedly for about 12 years but now has to be replaced by another
make as it does not run on 64-bit Windows.
As we found no commercial MAKE with adequate features and reliable
support, and as we do not want again to be stuck with a software
whose company stops development and support, we decided to try to convert
our projects to GNU make.

Of course, we can update our code generators to generate ".cpp"
consistently (we already have done this), and we can rename all our
1,000+ source files to use lowercase only filenames (we just have
started this, as we found a helpful utility to do this, but it still
is a lot of stupid and time-consuming work).

EZ> If the problem is with file-name
EZ> extensions, you could take care of it by defining suitable rules for
EZ> both %.cpp and %.CPP etc.

Unfortunately, not. At this time, we have a lot of XYZ.CPP and xyz.obj,
and things like this.

Thank you for the information, anyway.

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