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make returning spurious 4522468 errors

From: tom honermann
Subject: make returning spurious 4522468 errors
Date: Thu, 07 Jan 2010 15:08:12 -0800
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We are in the process of migrating from our current Microsoft nmake based build system to a platform independent build system based on GNU make. We are encountering a problem in which GNU make sometimes reports an error of 4522468 for some jobs only on Windows. We aren't able to reproduce the error on demand - it currently happens somewhere between 1 and 15 times for every 10000 or so jobs. I think we've only seen this when invoking make with the '-j' option. Higher occurrences of this seem to correspond to higher values for the '-j' option. (ie, '-j 2' produces fewer occurrences than '-j 8'). This suggests a race condition somewhere in GNU make. We have not identified any correlation between this occurring and the specific job that was run. We have clear examples of make reporting this error even for jobs that completed successfully (ie, where we are confident that the job returned an exit value of 0). In some cases, this error has been emitted for a recursive make invocation (in which the sub-make returned 0 or 2).

We were originally using the gmake.exe 3.81 binary distributed with GNUWin32 (, but have now reproduced this with a binary we built ourselves (also 3.81 using the MS VS 2008 compiler). Anyone else seen this?

Based on a brief glance at the code, I'm guessing that the value returned by one of the calls to 'GetExitCodeProcess' in 'w32/subproc/sub_proc.c' is somehow getting lost or corrupted. There are two calls to 'GetExitCodeProcess', both of which look very similar to this:

       DWORD ierr;
       GetExitCodeResult = GetExitCodeProcess(childhand, &ierr);
       if (ierr == CONTROL_C_EXIT) {
               pproc->signal = SIGINT;
       } else {
               pproc->exit_code = ierr;
       if (GetExitCodeResult == FALSE) {
               pproc->last_err = GetLastError();
               pproc->lerrno = E_SCALL;

Two things stand out to me here:

1: 'pproc->exit_code' is assigned the value of 'ierr' regardless of whether the call to 'GetExitCodeProcess' is successful or not. If 'GetExitCodeProcess' fails, it may not assign to 'ierr' at all - which could result in 'pproc->exit_code' getting assigned an uninitialized value (since 'ierr' is not assigned a value)

2: There is no check for 'ierr' being assigned 'STILL_ACTIVE'. It may be that other parts of the code ensure that 'GetExitCodeProcess' is never called for an uncompleted process, I haven't looked for that. Regardless, this is unlikely to be related to the problem that we are seeing.


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