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Re: start and stop a program by make

From: Martin Mensch, mm-uC-systems
Subject: Re: start and stop a program by make
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 16:04:01 +0200

Hi Duane,
thank you for your answer. Here is what I tried
> Get help on the start command by using the command: start /?
> Mind you, it's rather a contortion of make to start things and not finish them.
> (I'd be curious what you're up to).
Nothing special, I want to start OpenOCD, a GDB server for debugging and programing microcontrollers and then start insight and command it to flash the program.
>That said...
>This might work ...
>    start "" program1.exe arg1 arg2
>    start "" program2.exe arg1 arg2
No, it produces:
usr/bin/sh: start: command not found
>If the above doesn't work you might try either this...
>    start "" cmd /c program1.exe arg1 arg2
>    start "" cmd /c program2.exe arg1 arg2
usr/bin/sh: start: command not found
>or this...
>    cmd /c start "" program1.exe arg1 arg2
>    cmd /c start "" program2.exe arg1 arg2
This starts a new process cmd.exe but also does not return. Further program1 is not started, at least I can't see it in the windows task manager.
So, no success so far. But I have learned that this is not the usual way make is used.
Now I tried one more thing and this works (it is a bit of a workaround but anyway..)
    @rm -f start.bat
    @echo start program1.exe arg1 arg2 >> start.bat
    @echo start program2.exe arg1 arg2 >> start.bat
This writes the commands to a batch file start.bat and then executes this.
Thank you for your help

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