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I need your help about "make3_80.gvk_patches"

From: 임재석
Subject: I need your help about "make3_80.gvk_patches"
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 13:59:26 +0900

Hi there,
My name is Lim in Korea.
When I build "make3_80.gvk_patches" source file on Windows XP, I have
got some problem.
Because of these problem, I send this mail for your help.

Here is a procedure what I try
To Build "make3_80.gvk_patches", I did the following orders.
1. Installed MS Visual Studio 6
2. Set environment variables as executing "VCVARS32.BAT" in
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin"
3. Execute "nmake /f NMakefile"

Through these works, I got the "make.exe", But it is not working correctly.
And I got also lots of "waring".
For example, "file.c(766) : warning C4113: 'void (__cdecl *)()'
differs in parameter lists from 'void (__cdecl *)(const void *)'"

Is that a correct and normal result?
If it is not, what's the problem?
What am I do to succeed this job?
I'll wait for your answer.
Ummm....If you have the "make.exe" file which version is
"make3_80.gvk_patches", please give it to me.
Have a nice day~

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