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Re: how to use "make" to build such project as lemur etc. on winxp.

From: Muhammad Hasan
Subject: Re: how to use "make" to build such project as lemur etc. on winxp.
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 18:52:36 +0500

Don't do it with MinGW developer studio. Instead use the console version of MinGW. It would work exactly as if you are working on any BASH shell. Follow the exact steps that you follow on linux bash Shell.

You need to run the MinGW shell ( msys.bat file) from console with Administrator user ( or any user having administrative privileges ) and there you go...

Let me google and send you the exact download link for MinGW console version...

2008/11/1 tianweixin <address@hidden>
hi,Muhammad Hassan,
I download " MinGW developer studio" and run on winxp.but it only check its own project format,while i want it accept the makefiles distributed along with the it possible?

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