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Re: make 3.81 and MS-DOS paths (e.g. C: or drive letter paths)

From: Bill Hoffman
Subject: Re: make 3.81 and MS-DOS paths (e.g. C: or drive letter paths)
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 11:26:21 -0400
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Christopher Faylor wrote:

If there is a mingw jobserver issue, it sounds like a bug.  Has it been

I think this is a known limitation, that the job server is not implemented on certain platforms. I googled a bit, and it seemed like it has something to do with having or not having named pipes. Perhaps some of the gnu make folks could elaborate on this issue.

Despite Cygwin being good at what it does, that doesn't mean that it
will lose its core focus of providing a UNIX-like environment on Windows
and guarantee a seamless experience if you are using MS-DOS paths.  A
utility may understand c:\ paths but there are no guarantees.  The
current version of Cygwin make is an example of this.

Right now it is the only solution that I am aware of that does what I need, parallel make with support for recursive make invocations. I am very happy that the support for this is in CVS head for gmake, and am looking forward to the day it is back in the main Cygwin releases. I realize this is out of the scope a bit for cygwin, but it is a very useful feature. I suppose the other option would be to implement a job server for native windows builds, but I really don't have time for that.


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