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Make is looking for a disk in drive D:?

From: Gary Turner
Subject: Make is looking for a disk in drive D:?
Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 23:24:50 +1200

This is possibly a bit of an oddball one.
I'm running Make 3.81 i686-pc-mingw32 on a XP SP2 machine.
I use make for all sorts of wierd and wonderful tasks - usually with no problems whatsoever.
However - every so often make just pops up a window reporting that there is no disk in drive d: (my CD)  - with the option to cancel/try again/continue. None of them appear to work - and the make process crashes.
This happens whether or not there is a makefile in the current directory ( but not if I do a make --version)
I get the feeling that it's some wierd mode that my PC has got itself into - I don't think it goes away unless I reboot it.
I guess I can always reboot - but I'm curious as to whether there is some way I can repair it without rebooting (if I'm in the middle of something) and/or whether it would give me some clues as to what caused the problem.

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