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Pattern rules not recognized on Win32

From: Gerrit .
Subject: Pattern rules not recognized on Win32
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 09:29:38 +0000

Hello everyone!

The ScummC project ( is having issues with its makefiles on Win32. The same makefiles work fine on Linux and Mac platforms.

The pattern rules listed below are reported to cause errors under Cygwin and MinGW. The reported error is "No rule to define target 'xxx.cost'", while the rule has clearly been defined:

%.cost: $(COST_DIR)/%.scost $(COST)
        $(COST) -o $@ -I $(COST_DIR) $<

%.char: $(FONT_DIR)/%.bmp $(CHAR)
        $(CHAR) -ochar $@ -ibmp $<

%.roobj: $(EXP_DIR)/%.scc $(SCC)
         $(SCC) -o $@ $(SCC_FLAGS) $<

The full makefile is available from the SVN browser interface:

The discussion is available on the mailing list archives:

Does anyone recognize any obvious non-portable syntax here? Or is there maybe a list of known make-win32 issues available somewhere?

Any input will be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance!

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