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use of clearmake make files in GNU Make files

From: handsome
Subject: use of clearmake make files in GNU Make files
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 22:46:31 -0800 (PST)

History :
I was working on Clearmake process. Created make files and its dependent
make files and build is successful on windows platform. while compiling the
build is used following command of clearmake
"clearmake -v -k -V -C gnu --directory=\project -f RELNO=%RELNO4%
IPD=Y TL=%TL% all"

Present :
Now, i want to use these clearmake make files in gnu make. I replaced the
clearmake command with make in following format for compiling all projects
"MAKE -k -e --directory=\project -f RELNO=%RELNO4%"
it does some compilation and completes the compilation in fiew moments and
creates log file saying 
" there is nothing to compile / do in this project" 
and if i run this make file separately with every projects make file with
following command
"make -k -e --directory=\project\project1 -f"
then it compiles the project with error no.3 
i am not getting any details about this error no. 3
and some time it come out of compilation process saying there is nothing to
compile in this project.

so can any body help me to solve this problem????
its reallly a crucial work for me!!! ur immediate help is needed.

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