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Makefile + Autodependency help Win32

From: Strba Attila
Subject: Makefile + Autodependency help Win32
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 14:16:07 +0100

Hi people, 

I am newbie at makefile writing, and I need help.
Especialy with making autodependencies. I am starting to be desperate.

Since two days I am trying to write a makefile for SDCC compiler with 
autodependency feature. I've read plenty of posts and solution but neither of 
them works for me.

1. I have read but because of 
windows enviroment sed is not working.
2. Than I read 
but the shells are no more available so I was still unable to use sed.

I have a huge project with lot of files in lot of different subdirectories. The 
SDCC has the feature to detect dependencies and write them to the file. 
What I need is a help to put all the stuff together so it works:

My makefile looks like this:

INCDIR = -IHAL/LL/sd_spi/sw/fw/drivers -IHAL/TL -IHAL/COMMON 
VPATH= HAL/Common;HAL/TL;HAL/LL/sd_spi/sw/fw/drivers

COMPILER_PARAM = --model-small --vc --debug -V --use-stdout  
LINKER_PARAM = --code-loc 0x0000 --data-loc 0x30 --stack-after-data --xram-loc 

SRCS=main.c spi.c test.c 
MAKEDEPEND = sdcc -M $< $(INCDIR) > $*.d

%.rel : %.c 

sdcctest.hex: main.rel spi.rel test.rel

include $(SRCS:.c=.d)

I could really apritiate if someone could help me or give me an example 
makefile how to put all the things together.



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