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Possible bug with 3.81?

From: Chris Sutcliffe
Subject: Possible bug with 3.81?
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 10:33:16 -0400


I'm having a bit of a problem when attempting to compile the MinGW
w32api using the latest version of make.  The Makefile it self
consists of the following rules to generate the import libraries:

lib%.a : %.def %.o
»···$(DLLTOOL) $(DLLTOOL_FLAGS) --output-lib $@ --def $(srcdir)/$*.def
»···$(AR) r $@ $*.o
»···$(RANLIB) $@

lib%.a: %.def
»···$(DLLTOOL) $(DLLTOOL_FLAGS) --output-lib $@ --def $<

lib%.a: %.o
»···$(AR) rc $@ $*.o
»···$(RANLIB) $@

With previous versions of make the first rule was used to produce
libraries that have both def and object files:

dlltool --as=as -k --output-lib libshell32.a --def
ar r libshell32.a shell32.o
ranlib libshell32.a

whereas with version 3.81 it just runs the dlltool command as a result
the symbols and functions exported from the object file are not
included in the import library.

Has this behaviour changed in version 3.81?  Is this expected?  If so,
how would I go about getting back to the behaviour I desire?



Chris Sutcliffe

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