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Re: case insensitive rules?

From: Jon Grant
Subject: Re: case insensitive rules?
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 15:47:34 +0100
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Offner, Georg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using make 3.81 under WinXp.
> Given are sourcecodefiles with extension .c or .C and pattern rules
> starting like:
> %.d: %.c                   for dependencies or
> %.obj: %.c %.d         for objects.
> Using *.c files, everything's fine. For a *.C file, only the object rule
> fires (why?), but the dependency rule does not unless I define an
> additional rule %.d: %.C.
> Can I make make case insensitive? Is there a different solution, so that
> I need only one rule for both .c and .C files?

Did you compile make 3.81 yourself? Pre-built releases of make 3.81 will
honour case sensitivity.

You can add #define HAVE_CASE_INSENSITIVE_FS in config.h.W32 and then
build with MSVC or build_w32.bat to enable the case insensitivity.

Kind regards

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