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Re: Fix for HAVE_DOS_PATHS build on cygwin

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: Fix for HAVE_DOS_PATHS build on cygwin
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 22:08:01 -0400

On Saturday, 23 September, William Gianopoulos (address@hidden) wrote:

> The $call abspath ends up calling the built-in abspath and does not use
> the one defined in  This was verified both by adding fprintf's
> to the built-in abspath as well as the fact that I was able to fix my
> issue by making changes to the abspath funciton defined in function.c.

Hm.  I've re-checked the documentation and it's actually quite clear about
this: if the name is a builtin function then that function is invoked
instead of any variable by that name.  Make is behaving as the docs require.

I'm not sure this makes sense, however.  Offhand it seems to me that call
should prefer user-defined functions.

We'd need to think carefully about this before making that change however.

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