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Re: Don't see any output to stdout from commands

From: Krzysztof Nosek
Subject: Re: Don't see any output to stdout from commands
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 10:34:46 +0200
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> Why does one need to use devenv, anyway?  Why not invoke cl.exe
> directly?


of course calling cl.exe, link.exe and all the stuff directly _is_ an option.
But, sometimes, when you use such tool as Visual Studio, you want to have
projects (.vcproj) and solution files (.sln) configured so that you can
build-on-request during development from inside the VS's IDE (or your boss
wants, or your fellow developer does, ...).

So, these VS files contain (mostly) all information concerning build issues of
given solution. But it's only devenv who knows how to deal with it. Writing
the build process from the scratch means repeating everything once more and
equals redundancy for request. Or it means to resign from VS IDE and its
tools, which  globally _might_ be in favour of the whole process, but would be
tough decision in any larger team or company.

BTW, Previous versions of VS used to have feature of generating makefile
(nmakish one) given solution file. But that feature disappeared many years 

Nick, I didn't mean mock at anybody using VS; my makefiles got to invoke
devenv many times every single day (gathering output via named pipes and so
on...) and I see all misery of it far too well. Perhaps somebody who reads
this list knows better way of batch building projects, given Microsoft Visual
Studio solution/project files; please drop us a line.


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