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MSYS (not mingw) make 3.80 or 3.81?

From: Benjamin Smedberg
Subject: MSYS (not mingw) make 3.80 or 3.81?
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 19:38:07 -0400
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Does anyone here know whether there is already a plan to upgrade the MSYS distribution so that the msys make (not mingw-make) is 3.80 or 3.81? If not, is there any documentation how to build msys make at all? The closest I've found is a message on this list from March:

I tried following these directions, and got as far as linking the final executable, which then failed on missing symbols _open_osfhandle and _beginthreadex and a few others from the CRT.

Mozilla would like to upgrade their makefile system to use the $(eval) function made available in make 3.80, but don't want to stop working on the MSYS build system, which is significantly faster than cygwin because of the cost of forking cygwin processes.


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