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FWD: Re: 3.81 and windows paths

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: FWD: Re: 3.81 and windows paths
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 17:13:09 -0400

FYI; Brian provides some critical information we need to know.  I fully
expect we'll see a bunch more people asking for help as a result of this
change in the Cygwin environment, so it's good that we are aware of it.

I think one less customized version of GNU make will simplify things for
everyone in the longer term, though.


--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: 3.81 and windows paths Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2006 13:21:07 -0700
Bob Rossi wrote:

> Is it true that 3.81 does not work with windows paths?
> If so, what is the solution now? I need to use the unix path
> interally to make, and use the windows path only when compiling
> with cl?

Please refer to the lengthy discussion on the Cygwin list.

To summarize, the Cygwin version of make prior to 3.81 contained local
patches to support both posix and Windows paths.  The Cygwin maintainer
got tired of continuously maintaining these local patches and so when
packaging 3.81 the vanilla sources were used.  This means that only
posix paths work.

However, completely separate from Cygwin is the native (mingw) build of
make which has always supported Windows paths and always will.  So it's
completely wrong to say that make doesn't support Windows paths.  You
should use this version if you need to support such paths.

The only thing that has changed was on the part of the Cygwin make
maintainer, and so this discussion belongs on the Cygwin list (where it
has already been hashed out in length.)


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