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Re: flushing output in make

From: Philip Guenther
Subject: Re: flushing output in make
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 13:33:34 -0600

On 7/17/06, ma <address@hidden> wrote:
   Thanks for your information. here is the code that I have:
rtlib.lib: $(rtLibModules)
    @echo Building $@ please wait
    $(foreach n, $(rtLibModules), $(shell $(AR) -qur $@ $(n)))

This is the only way that I could manage to run the make without
problem.  Look at my other post on command line limitation.

This is an automatically generated makefile?  Why not split the object
names among several variables when the makefile is generated and then
repeat the commands for each variable as necessary, ala:

rtLibModules0 = ...
rtLibModules1 = ...

rtlib.lib $(rtLibModules0) $(rtLibModules1) ...
    @echo Building $@, please wait
    rm -f address@hidden
    $(AR) -qur address@hidden $(rtLibModules0)
    $(AR) -qur address@hidden $(rtLibModules1)
    mv address@hidden $@

Other options that come to mind include
- break the library into multiple smaller libraries
- drop the echo as superfluous: when  the make output pauses you
 know its building the library.  Don't you have better things to be
 doing that watching compilations?
- stop using an OS or tools which impose limits lower than you like

As I am working on an add on project and the original product
shipped with gmake version 3.8, I can't update to gmake 3.81

3.8?  You mean 3.80?  Version numbers are not decimals: "version 3.80"
means "major version 3, minor version 80" and _not_ "version 3 and

Philip Guenther

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