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Re: Problems with $(shell xxx) using uWin

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: Problems with $(shell xxx) using uWin
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 19:01:03 -0400
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Quoting James Kanze <address@hidden>:

Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2006 23:06:03 +0200
>> From: James Kanze <address@hidden>
>> Cc: address@hidden

>>  >

>> Thanks.  But make doesn't seem to be there.

> You already have Make, the one you compiled with MSVC.

But it doesn't work.  I was hoping for a pre-compiled make which
did work.  (I will look into it as an alternative to UWin and

How about the pre-compiled 3.81 binary I sent you did it work? You gave me samples to try, I did without a hitch.

BTW, Eli and Paul, I decided to give a good try to the native version of make working within the MSYS shell. I replaced the MSYS make with the 3.81 native build I did for James and did a make clean && make with good success. We'll see how far I can get when I try building binutils.

Earnie Boyd

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