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Re: make does not stop on error

From: grischka
Subject: Re: make does not stop on error
Date: Sun, 7 May 2006 21:46:53 +0200

> The question here is: What should the Windows port use as the default
> shell if the Makefile doesn't specify any value for SHELL? The Posix
> version uses /bin/sh as the default, but on Windows this name will not
> work, in general.  The current code emulates this Posix feature by
> looking for sh.exe along the PATH, which is quite close. What do you 
> suggest to do instead? use cmd.exe?

Basically? Yes. Makes more sense to me. The path search may be smart, 
but its too unobvious IMO. Like when I installed msys the other day all 
the makefiles stopped working. Honestly I wont bother to add in
SHELL=stuff for each.

To override the default from outside the makefile, say for convenience 
under a cross environment like msys, some variable seems suitable. So 
I can choose, either have it always set, or just under that environment. 
Anyway it does what I want, not what it maybe thinks I want. At least, 
for me its perfect.

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