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make does not stop on error

From: grischka
Subject: make does not stop on error
Date: Mon, 1 May 2006 00:23:07 +0200

There was a similar topic here previously, that on windows make does 
not stop after errors or sometimes goes into "background" and still for 
a while outputs some messages.

That happens to me when I:

1) have quotes on the line, e.g:
    gcc -D "VERSION=\"1.2.3\"" ...

2) dont have sh.exe in the PATH

Actually from the source thats no surprise, as I for one haven't seen
anything that would get process exitcodes back from batch files, 
I doubt it would be possible at all. 

The other sideeffect from the batch files is that particulary some open
source programs cannot stop it, like not DevCpp with the 'stop make' 
button or not rxvt ports via Ctrl-C, either. (Although, the msys dll seems 
to abuse TerminateProcess as a kill() replacement, with effect that even 
normal (non batch or shell) child processes are left running)

Anyway, I dont really see a point in the batch approach. The obvious
solution would be just passing: 
    "%COMSPEC% /c line as in makefile here..." 
to CreateProcess(...).

I tried it and it seems to work quite well. I could not run the tests
since I dont have perl installed. But tell me if you're interested....

--- grischka

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