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Re: make 3.81rc1 / MSYS

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: make 3.81rc1 / MSYS
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 17:46:19 +0000
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On 2006-4-3 17:13 UTC, David Ergo wrote:
> Greg Chicares wrote:
>> The 3.81 release seems not to crash here. I built it in MSYS:
> I suppose you built make with MINGW environnement and not MSYS...
> This is completely different.
> To compile for MSYS you must install the MSYS developper kit and build
> make in a MSYS environnement (first execute msysdvlpr)
> (this is explained in the msys wiki)

You describe what I think Earnie calls an "MSYS-dependent" build,
which would depend on the MSYS posix-emulation dll. You're correct:
that's not what I did. I built it using MSYS, but not msysdvlpr.
My native build does not depend on the MSYS dll. I don't plan to
use it in the MSYS shell anyway.

It would be good to have an MSYS-dependent build, too, of course.

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