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Re: Clock skew detected warning

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: Clock skew detected warning
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 13:39:19 -0400

%% Greg Chicares <address@hidden> writes:

  gc> I have also, in the past, found one-hour differences when I
  gc> extracted some archived files during summer time, then again
  gc> extracted them during non-summer time.

That just means you're using a stupid archiving program.  All dates
stored in archives should be stored in a canonical format based on UTC,
regardless of the local time settings on the computer where the archive
is created (or extracted).  Anything else is utterly broken, especially
for a tool which is intended to archive data.

  gc> My life has been simpler since I set my computer to use Zulu time
  gc> (UTC) always.

Well, the best solution is for your computer and the applications that
run on it to always think about timestamps in UTC, but display
timestamps in whatever timezone the user prefers.  This is how POSIX
systems work.

That way there is no possibility that changing timezones will magically
cause some timestamps to magically be considered newer or older.

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