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Re: GNU make 3.81beta4 released

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: GNU make 3.81beta4 released
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 06:34:55 +0200

> From: "Markus Mauhart" <address@hidden>
> Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 23:03:07 +0100
> >> 2) inside cmd.exe, using  my trivial or your current patch:
> >> "make -f Mymakefile -j 2or3orMore" ... executes like no "-j" had been used.
> >
> > Is your Makefile recursive?
> No
> (it once restarts $(MAKE) with the same Mymakefile but an added include path,

Well, that's recursion in my book: it runs sub-Make's.  Thus, what I
found, i.e. that sub-Make's by default run with -j1, is what I'd
expect to happen for you.

> I tested "mode 1", where it hanges. Once I managed to attach the
> MSVS-IDE-debugger, make was IIRC hanging (not looping) inside ...
>     while (start_waiting_job (job) && waiting_jobs != 0);

Are you sure you attached to the right Make?  There are more than one
of them running at this time, I think.

Anyway, if it loops there, perhaps you could see what job is it
waiting for, and why the waiting doesn't end.

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