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Re: Building a cygwin special version of make?

From: Johan Bezem
Subject: Re: Building a cygwin special version of make?
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 05:02:56 +0200
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Hi Angel,

first, cygwin uses its own version of GNU make, which is not supported through 
this mailing list.

Having said that:
Take a standard GNU make 3.80, compare that to the cygwin version 3.80, and 
incorporate all differences into your 3.81beta3-for-cygwin and make sure to 
compile with the cygwin-based tools. That worked for me once (not for 
3.81beta3, didn't have the need yet).



Angel Tsankov wrote:
Can someone explain how to build a cygwin version of make 3.81beta3?
Well, I defined HAVE_CYGWIN_SHELL in config.h and rebuilt make, but I
think that it still does not recognize paths starting with /cygdrive.
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