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Fwd: setting SHELL variable

From: Jonathan Baccash
Subject: Fwd: setting SHELL variable
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 13:46:34 -0700

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From: Jonathan Baccash <address@hidden>
Date: Aug 1, 2005 1:44 PM
Subject: Re: setting SHELL variable
To: Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>

jb> I am not a big fan of all the strange behavior on Windows.
ez> This strange behavior is supposed to produce behavior that is
ez> reasonable under both Windows-style shell and Unix-style shell.  That
ez> is not an easy goal to achieve, so if you have more gripes about it,
ez> please tell.
Sounds reasonable.  Sorry for my earlier comment, I said that in
frustration.  I know porting is generally more complicated than it
seems like it should be....  Just wish I could plug my make system
into any platform and set the compiler name and be done with it.  But
a typical makefile depends on the platform-specific compiler, utility
programs... even the shell!  I guess ant may be helpful... but not
sure about its flexibility, the stability of C++ tasks, or dependency

ez> Incidentally, what, if any, changes did you make near the end of
ez> config.h.W32?  Did you, for example, reset the value of
I don't remember making any changes to that file... but I do remember
doing something with the HAVE_MKS_SHELL somewhere to get it to compile
on some other platform.  I will check when time permits.

ez> So please tell more about your environment; in particular, do you
ez> really have C:/mks/mksnt/sh.exe?
Yes, it is MKS shell and it exists and works.

Thanks a lot Eli for looking at this.  I will apply your patch and try
again when time permits.


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