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WINDOWS32 compile warning fixes, resubmitted (first submited 2004-02-28)

From: J. Grant
Subject: WINDOWS32 compile warning fixes, resubmitted (first submited 2004-02-28)
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 14:25:47 +0100
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I submitted these a little over a year ago. Some of them have been
applied.  Below I list the parts that have not yet been
incorporated. Could they be incorporated please?

I've not listed the while (1) -> for (;;) change requests, as I remember
Paul saying he thought they should stay as while(1). I have also not listed the glob.c changes.

I have left last years patch attached for reference.

    * arscan.c: Change "while(1)" to "for(;;)" to correct "condition
    expression is constant warning. (line 425)

    Add "(void)hdr;" to correct unused variable warning. (Line 724)

Not yet applied, could it be added, or the variable moved so it is only
present on those builds which require it please?

    * job.c: Add preprocessor definition check so that "WAIT_T
    status;" and "int reap_more = 1;" are only declared on
    non-(__MSDOS__, _AMIGA, WINDOWS32) builds to avoid having a
    warning "'status' : unreferenced local variable" warning when
    compiling (identified on Windows32 build). (Line 450)

Not yet incorporated.

    Change "register int pid" to "pid_t pid".  As it is only
    compared with the "struct child" element "pid_t pid"; so it is
    more appropriate that they are both the same type. (Line 472)

Not yet incorporated.

    Stop definition of remote_status_lose branch on builds
    that do not use this. (__MSDOS__, _AMIGA, WINDOWS32).  (Line 533)

Not yet incorporated.

    "error:" branch target only declared on on-(__MSDOS__, _AMIGA,
    WINDOWS32) to correct unreferenced branch target warning. (Line

Not yet incorporated.


    Add preprocessor definition check for HAVE_MKSTEMP || defined
    HAVE_FDOPEN.  As these are the only two cases when "int fd;" is
    used.  (Line 794)

Not yet incorporated.

(Some of the line numbers have changed slightly)

Kind regards

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