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RE: Bug report: Compile with Microsoft and Intel compiler

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: RE: Bug report: Compile with Microsoft and Intel compiler
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 13:47:13 +0000

On 1:43:51 am 2005-04-29 Jerker_Bäck  <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello Earnie
> >  Which is why I created MSYS.  MSYS provides a minimal system
> >  to execute configure for a native target.  The default target
> >  is MINGW32 but that can be changed if desired by simply
> >  defining an environment variable.
> I have tried configure from the Cygwin shell. It finds cl.exe and
> compiles a small program but then fails. Do you succeed in msys? How
> to set environment?

The CYGWIN shell would identify its environment as Cygwin.  You would have
had to attempt a cross build.  With MSYS, my forked Cygwin, you can specify
the native environment at will.  I know that hacker efforts for autotools
to support VCC is attempted; just check the config.guess and config.sub
files used by make.  You may need to adjust config.guess and/or config.sub
to get the right combination but with the MSYS environment you could
configure like ``MSYSTEM=WINDOWS configure'' for example and expect to
build using environment is expected for that system.

Trying the above example shows that ``uname -s'' returns WINDOWS_NT-5.1. 
That is because the Cygwin code I kept appends the windows OS version
regardless of the value of MSYSTEM.  The problem with that is that
config.sub, isn't setup to form the triplet needed by the rest of the
configure system but that could be adjusted as needed.

Since you're trying to configure with either VCC or BCC then you may wish
to create a new system identification that the configure system can use to
identify default compiler names and etc.

As to whether I've had success, with GCC yes; with CL, I've never tried.


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