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GNU make for cygwin performance

From: Jonathan Baccash
Subject: GNU make for cygwin performance
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 11:42:59 -0800

Has anyone had problems with the performance of GNU make for Cygwin?  I am using the Cygwin build of GNU make version 3.80-1 on a Windows 2000 Professional box, and I run a simple Makefile:


$(shell true)

$(shell true)

$(shell true)





If I have 256 $(shell true) calls, it takes 19.5 seconds to run make on my 2GHz Intel Xeon machine, almost a tenth of a second per call!  If I use my own build of GNU make, it takes 7.8 seconds.  What is frustrating is that on my old Windows XP box (also a 2GHz Intel processor) with an old version of Cygwin that I installed two years ago (and GNU make 3.79), the same Makefile executes in under 4 seconds, and of course GNU make for any version of UNIX runs faster still.  I tried to plug the GNU make 3.80 (cygwin) executable into the old machine, and it performs just like the 3.79 version.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Is it cygwin?  Is it Windows?  Is there a patch I can download to fix the issue?




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