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GNU Make Errors in Windows Application Event Log

From: B G Ramprasad Torati
Subject: GNU Make Errors in Windows Application Event Log
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 12:14:26 +0100


I'm using theGNU Make version 3.79.1 Built for Windows2000
MultiProcessor Server and the following Windows Error event occurs:

 EventID:   0
 Category:  0
 Unhandled exception filter called from program make
 ExceptionCode = c0000005
 ExceptionFlags = 0
 ExceptionAddress = 4166e4
 Access violation: read operation at address 3f
I see this error event (there are 250 of them) only when try to build
on a fast multiprocessor build machine. Not with a single p4 based
machine. Surprisingly this doesn't stop the build process and
everything gets built to the end. I've tried to debug the problem
through VC6, but no luck yet.
Since the stuff gets built to the end, What I would like to know,  is
that these Event Log Entries really are benign and are not going to
wreck any of my future build. Can somebody help in getting this


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