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RE: Build macro not to search for sh.exe or bash.exe

From: David Baird
Subject: RE: Build macro not to search for sh.exe or bash.exe
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 09:49:13 +0300

> IMHO, that's a bug: if the Makefile sets SHELL, Make should use it
> (except that it should perhaps look for the shell's binary along the
> PATH, even if Makefile specifies "SHELL = /bin/sh").  That's what the
> MS-DOS port does, and since the introduction of that feature, I've
> never heard any complaints about this behavior.

Well, its a bug, and I am complaining about it, and I gave a very
reasonable and easy solution. Have you tested it? Can you get my example
makefile to run? In any case, it was reported as a bug in messages:

And it begs the question, what was the reasoning behind the idea that if
SHELL is not defined, and sh.exe is in my PATH, make should use it
instead of CMD.EXE? It is not intuitive. Also, what was the reasoning to
not support a SHELL = cmd.exe statement in the make file?


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