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Temporary Batch File

From: ckwok1
Subject: Temporary Batch File
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 11:06:28 +0800 (HKT)

Hi, I am a new user of GNU make (but not a new user of make). I am using the 
mingw32 version of GNU make 3.80. I found that GNU make sometimes create 
temporary batch file. For example, with the makefile below

# # # # # #
define AddLib_template
xlib -c "rep-mod $(1) $@"


async.r43: a.r43 b.r43 c.r43
        $(foreach newobj, $?,$(call AddLib_template,$(newobj)))
# # # # #
A batch file is created for each updated prerequisite. I don't have any 
complain about using batch file. The problem is that the batch files are not 
removed afterwards. And the batch files are created even if -n options are used 
when running make. Although those files are quite small, I am not comfortable 
with a program that keeps creating new temporary files every time it is run.

Is there any way (any patch) to remove those temp files?

Thanks in advance.

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