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make hanging after mkdir

From: twk
Subject: make hanging after mkdir
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 16:14:11 -0500

I have this Makefile:
      all: output/archive/.make_me

      output/archive/.make_me output/subdir/.make_me:
        mkdir -p $@

      output/subdir/Makefile: output/subdir/.make_me
        touch $@

      -include output/subdir/Makefile
I'm running it on a Win/XP machine from a Command Prompt shell.  The
Cygwin /bin is on my path.

When I run it, the second call to mkdir seems to complete without make
ever waking up from the subprocess.  It looks like a SIGCHLD is getting
lost, because after the Makefile is "made" and -include'd, it gets to
the final mkdir implied by "all:" and then hangs.  With "-d":
      [... previous stuff works including an earlier instance of the mkdir -p 
    Considering target file `all'.
      Must remake target `output/archive/.make_me'.
    mkdir -p output/archive/.make_me
    Putting child 0x10018690 (output/archive/.make_me) PID 2696 on the chain.
    Live child 0x10018690 (output/archive/.make_me) PID 2696
      [never comes back from this point]
However, the directory has been created and if I append "; echo made"
to the mkdir command the echo does occur.

When it hangs, there are two make.exe processes showing up in the task
manager.  They do not respond to ^C, but can be killed from the task manager.

The Cygwin was downloaded and installed 2004-jan-22, so it is
up-to-date.  The make version is the 3.80 which comes with Cygwin.
All XP patches have been applied.

The machine is a 2.6GHz Xeon, dual-processor, hyperthreading-enabled.
Problem reproduces reliably on it.

I have two other machines with very similar software configurations
which do not reproduce the problem.  One has HT, the other doesn't.
Both are uniprocessor machines.

There is one other machine (also a dual-cpu HT machine) which earlier
manifested a similar symptom with the makefile invoked from Visual Studio
rather than a Command Prompt, but I have not currently got access to
that machine to try this makefile.

Anyone ever seen similar symptoms?  Any advice on debugging this would
be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Tom Kronmiller, address@hidden, 919-321-0625

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