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building Gnu make 3.80+ for Win32/Cygwin

From: David Goldstein
Subject: building Gnu make 3.80+ for Win32/Cygwin
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 13:02:31 -0800

I'm trying to get a proper build for Gnu Make 3.80+ (latest CVS sources)
for Windows XP w/ Cygwin & the bash shell.  I'm able to build & run
the latest Gnu make, but it's not behaving the same as the 3.80 and I'm
doubtful I have the correct config.h settings for WindowsXP & Cygwin.
Things that work with the released 3.80 (downloaded from like...
$$(addsuffix $$(POST), $$(strip $(3))):  FORCE
             $$(if $$(call TargetWasBuilt), , @$$(ECHO) "    (Up to date)")   
<---- make craps out on this
...don't work now.  Right now I'm battling getting vpath %.cpp <paths> working, 
but that may be unrelated.
### Anyone have a working config.h for Windows XP & Cygwin that I can check 
against?  In mine I'm setting:
#define MAKE_HOST "Windows32"
/* #define HAVE_DOS_PATHS 1 */
What else is critical?
FYI: I built Gnu make by changing the above #define/undefs only in 
config.h.W32.template, saving it as config.h.W32 and building using "nmake /f 
Thanks much,
David Goldstein
LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.

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