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Re: Make in background

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: Make in background
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 07:42:31 -0500
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So you've built your binary from source? With what compiler? With what configuration options?

<snippet file="/mingw/include/winerror.h">

Perhaps your background process is taking too long to spawn the child before the wait timer event is exhausted.

Does this build, work better for you?


Jens M Pedersen wrote:
Sorry for not being precise.

The environment is Win 2000.
The make version is GNU Make version 3.78.1 for windows
With foreground I mean that the window has focus and is on top of my
With background I mean the window is behind another window.

I can solve the problem by go into Windows - System - Advanced -
Performance options
and set to optimize for background services, but I dont want to use that
solution as
I normaly want my foreground progrom to run with highest speed.
I can not see any Window settings that will allow just a single cmd shell
to run with higher priority.

What does *** error 128 mean..


Jens Mose Pedersen

What background?

What environment?

Whose binary distribution of make?


Jens M Pedersen wrote:

I have a problem when I run make in the background.
I get
    make.exe: *** [foo] Error 128

When I run the same makefile in foreground it works just fine.

Any idea of how I can solve this.
I actually switched to gnu make to solve this problem.

Kind regards

Jens M Pedersen

B-K Medical A/S

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