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Re: Temporary file problem

From: Greg Chicares
Subject: Re: Temporary file problem
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 11:12:58 -0500

Jens M Pedersen wrote:
[non-gnu make file has:]
> foo.x : foo.y
>      copy < <
> text
> text
> text
> < $@
> How do I make this contruction with GNU make?

Something similar from an actual makefile:

foo: bar
        $(ECHO) copy $(dos_netdir)\\distrib.bz2           >> $(install_bat)
        $(ECHO) $(dos_netdir)\\..\\\\bzip2 -d distrib.bz2 >> $(install_bat)
        $(ECHO) $(dos_netdir)\\..\\\\tar -xvf distrib     >> $(install_bat)

if you really need to create a file. I've seen that
idiom used by other makes as a workaround for limits on
command-line length, for instance with 'response files'
for a linker; if that's the issue, then try inlining
the options as you naturally would and it'll probably
work with gnu make without any such workaround.

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