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difference between win2000 and winXP

From: Yu-Lun Chen
Subject: difference between win2000 and winXP
Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 12:54:26 -0800 (PST)


I recently got a new PC with Window XP Prof on it. As I move my build
environment from my old Win2000 to XP, I discovered a strange
phenomenon. Under 2000, the following target will work.

lib_2000 :
        cd ../../abc ; make

But this target will not work on XP. (I didn't recompile my make.exe
(v3.8.0) on XP.  I just use the old one from 2000. I didn't use Bourne
shell when porting make.exe on 2000.) If I change the above target to

lib_xp :
        cd ../../abc & make

Then everything is fine (under XP). However, lib_xp doesn't work
under other 2000 machines.

Technically, ampersand (&) is the correct separator for multiple
commands under window's batch mode. But why doesn't lib_xp work under

By default, I am using c:\winnt\system32\cmd.exe on my XP. I have
tried other cmd.exe (e.g. \i386\cmd.exe) but they didn't help.

I also noticed that make (under 2000) will some how lose track of the
"current" target.

lib_up :
        cd ../xyz & make

In this case, make will go to ../xyz and does it's thing correctly;
however, it'll return to ../ (relative to where it started), then use
"default:" in ../Makefile.

Have anyone noticed these problems? Am I doing something wrong, or
they are indeed bugs? Any comments/suggestions are greatly
appreciated. Thanks!

Yu-Lun Chen  <---------------------------->  address@hidden

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