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Re: (no subject)

From: Earnie Boyd
Subject: Re: (no subject)
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 07:10:29 -0400
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Perhaps a different version of make on PATH?


Scott Merz wrote:
Hello all

I recently developed a set of tools and makefiles for compiling our embedded
code with a GNU GCC cross compiler. So far, everyone who has been using it
have had no problems other than the standard issues everyone has when using
new and relatively untested software. Today one of our developers came in
and tried to get the latest version of the source code and compile it using
the makefile and tools I developed. From what we can tell, he didn't have
any sorts of huge modifications to his OS (Windows XP Pro) or his command
line and PATH. However, when we invoke the makefile, for all built-in
command line commands (echo, cls, etc.), the following error pops up

process_begin: CreateProcess(cls, null) failed
something along the lines of this...the environment will NOT allow any built
in commands to run, however, if I type in any of these problems from the
command line (cls, echo) they work fine. I have checked my COMSPEC variable,
and everything seems the same as it should be on any of the other machines
that work fine. Can somebody tells me what causes this weird error, its been
driving us nuts all morning? Thanks a bunch guys.

Ps: here is the 'clean' target within my makefile
NOTE: $(CLS) = cls, $(RM) = del

# clean - remove all output files in directory - invoke with 'make clean'
        @echo Cleaning all output files...
        -$(RM) *.d
        -$(RM) *.o
        -$(RM) *.lst
        -$(RM) *.a
        -$(RM) $(ProjectName).bdx
        -$(RM) $(ProjectName).ab
        -$(RM) $(ProjectName).abg
        -$(RM) $(ProjectName).abx
        -$(RM) $(ProjectName).map
        -$(RM) $(ProjectName).bin
        -$(RM) $(ProjectName).s19
        -$(RM) $(ProjectName).695
        -$(RM) $(ProjectName).elf

Scott Merz
The Insitu Group
Email: address@hidden

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