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RE: Probably bug in function.c : func_eval()

From: Keith Huntington
Subject: RE: Probably bug in function.c : func_eval()
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 10:36:40 -0400

Shortly later:  I can now browse the make cvs repository.
It must have a glitch somewhere between us, but the files
are showing up now.



Cool.  I did not see that this bug has been resolved.

Actually, I cannot find the bug listed at the project
pages on Savannah -- a buglist search doesn't find
this bug (1517).  A google search does show the bug described
in another location, but no patch was attached to that

I'm probably just doing the search wrong, and I apologize
for my ignorance.

Looking a bit closer at Savannah... it would appear
from the FAQ that SSH is required on the client in
order to access the CVS repositories at Savannah.  This is
not available to me, so... is there any other location
where I could download this (and perhaps other) patches
for these bugs?  (The CVS tree doesn't appear to be
browsable via http -- at least it isn't for me.)

Thanks for your patience,
Keith Huntington

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> Subject: Re: Probably bug in function.c : func_eval()
> %% "Keith Huntington" <address@hidden> writes:
>   kh> It's very possible that I'm mistaken ... but I believe 
> that I have
>   kh> detected a bug in the 3.80 sources, file function.c, function
>   kh> func_eval().
> This bug was reported and fixed a few months ago.  See (closed) bug
> #1517 at the GNU make project page in Savannah 
> (
> There's an "official" patch 
> attached to that bug.
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