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gnumake, windows and backslashes

From: ahalfmann
Subject: gnumake, windows and backslashes
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 08:27:14 +0200


I'm using gnumake 3.77 or 3.79.1 under Windows 2000 and the following
problem occurs:

When make calls my compiler (via process_begin), all the backslashes in the
command have gone. The command is printed correctly with all the
backslashes in place, but the compiler is called without them.

Unfortunately  I can't use slashes because my compiler doesn't like them.

What can I do to get my backslashes in place?

Here's a part of my makefile:
--- cut here ---
AS = as308
AFLAGS = -Oobj

# Assemble
obj\ncrt0.r30 : asm\ncrt0.a30
      $(AS) $(AFLAGS) -Oobj $<
--- cut here ---

And here's the output make and the compiler generated:
--- cut here ---
d:\Projekte\CM> make
as308 -Oobj asm\ncrt0.a30
M32C/80,M16C/80 Series Assembler system Version 3.20 Release1
All Rights Reserved.

 Error (as308.exe): Can't open file 'asmncrt0.a30'
make: *** [Objects\ncrt0.r30] Error 2
--- cut here ---

The command-line starting with "as308" is absolutely correct. I can type it
at the command prompt by hand and all works well as expected.
But as you can see in the Error-line, the comiler gets the arguments
without backslashes. What happened to them?

Thanks in advance for every answer!

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