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sub processes and PATH

From: Kevin Seguin
Subject: sub processes and PATH
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 14:06:12 -0600

I've noticed that when make runs sub processes, it searches for the file
to exec using the "windows" search algorithm as defined by the OpenFile
win32 api (see
base/openfile.asp), rather than just looking through the directory
elements in the PATH environment variable.  this seems strange to me
(maybe because I think in *nix terms, I dunno...).

I noticed this when I was trying to use a win32 version of find (from
findutils).  because there is also find.exe in WINNT/system32, even if
the findutils version of find was in my path before the windows find,
the windows find would always be used.

anyway, this is pretty easy to fix (or change, depending on your
perspective, I suppose).  I'm just wondering if anybody else finds this
to be a problem...

I've attached a quick and dirty patch for posterity :)

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