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Re: Path separator character

From: Mike Capp
Subject: Re: Path separator character
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 00:36:39 -0000
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This may be stating the obvious, but using GNUish command-line utilities doesn't commit you to using an alternative shell. My makefile uses forward- slash paths exclusively, calling the MSYS versions of mkdir, find, rm etc, and works perfectly happily in both the MSYS rxvt shell and in Win98's native DOS shell. I haven't tested it on Win2k/XP yet (new machine finally on order!) but I can't believe that cmd.exe could be any more braindead than COMMAND.COM.

- Mike

On Wed, 12 Mar 2003 18:59:28 -0500, Sauder, Vernon <address@hidden> wrote:


I am new to this list. Having read several months of archives, I have found
no reference to my problem. I have compiled make.exe 3.80 from sources on
Windows XP using nmake. The concern I have is the automatic use of the '/'
character for file paths. The automatic variables $< and $@ do this as do
some others. This causes problems with the DOS/Win32 tools used such as copy or bcc. I could move to Cygwin or some other such *nix shell but I want to
use cmd.exe as that is the preferred platform here for my project. I have
made some changes to the source and to fix the occurrences that my makefile
used. What I was wondering was whether anyone else has this problem or
whether there is already a patched source for this. If not, I can diff my
files and send in a patch for any others that want to use it.

The other fix for this is to constantly use a macro variable that does a
$(subst /,\,$1) but that seems to clutter up the works.

Vernon Sauder

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