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Re: SHELL on W2K (gmake 3.79.1) is cmd.exe

From: Parish
Subject: Re: SHELL on W2K (gmake 3.79.1) is cmd.exe
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 15:20:10 +0000
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Earnie Boyd wrote:
However, it's not rocket science. When --win32 is given then expect to use the COMSPEC shell syntax, the command line switch overrides the MAKE_MODE environment variable and MAKEFLAGS just passes to children make processes in the command argv. So the result will be that the parent operates in --unix mode while it's children operate in --win32 mode. Make sure to remove the --win32 from the MAKEFLAGS variable.

Yes, I understand that. The problem I have is where is MAKEFLAGS being set. It isn't on the command line and neither --win32 nor --unix is being passed on the command line. MAKEFLAGS appears to be being set to empty by configure.

Thanks anyway. I'll go to the cygwin lists.




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