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From: Bijal Shah
Subject: RE:
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2003 15:43:26 -0000

I checked and I hadn't done this as I thought I had on this specific project
- I use this on new projects as matter of course, but what I am working on
now is soooo old that its showing the unmistakable signs of code

I just retested with that change and it is a whole lot better, but the
performance still doesn't reach that achieved with "gmake -r". The
difference is now in the order of 200% rather than 400%.

Are there any other tips that might help as it is causing a few problems on
large scale builds.


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Adding this line:


to your makefile will turn off all the suffix rules (most of them).  The
only way to disable the pattern rules is by listing them with no
commands (see the GNU make manual).

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